Knock Knock. Why Haven’t You Set Your Real Estate Investment Goals Yet?

Why haven’t you set your real estate investment goals yet? We know the answer. You are busier than ever with the family, the job, searching for new investments, and, if you are lucky, hitting the gym a few times a week.  And now, someone wants you to sit down and write down your real estate investing game plan?   […]

How to Spot a Lender You Should Stay Away From

After months of searching for the right deal, you finally found one. Now, you need a real estate investment lender.  Your investment deal needs to happen fast, so there is no time to work through the bank. An alternative investment loan would work, or if you must close within days, a hard money loan might be your only option.   This is your first real estate investment deal, and you do not yet have a relationship with an investment lender. It is an exciting time, and you are under pressure […]

The Scoop on Getting Low Fix and Flip Loan Rates!

Getting the lowest interest rate for your fix and flip investment project should not be your deciding factor when finding a real estate investment lender, as there are many other variables to consider, however, you should do everything you can to get the lowest rate possible from your fix and flip lender.  How?   Believe it or not, real estate […]

Hot Tips for Finding and Working with Your Investment Property Contractor

Finding a Reputable Contractor  If your real estate investment project, be it a fix and flip, or new construction, or multifamily rehab, is in your local area, chances are you already know a local contractor who could be a good fit for your project.   If you do not know a Construction Manager (CM) or General Contractor (GC) who can do […]

Where is the Best Fix and Flip Market?

Where in the country should you invest in fix and flips? Well, there are entire books written on this, but here are a few pointers to get you started.  Before embarking on your fix and flip real estate journey, think through your overall real estate investing goals, and how a fix and flip plan fits into that.   […]

Lock Down Your Numbers (Before Talking with Your Investment Lender)

There are just no shortcuts when it comes to fully understanding your real estate investment project numbers.  And do not kid yourself. Your real estate funder is going to review your deal very carefully before offering you financing. Investment lenders are experts in looking at real estate investment property numbers, so if you have missed something or have been overly optimistic about your project values, they are going to spot that quickly.  That is great news and can be immensely helpful if […]

4 Fix and Flip Quick Tips from Top Remodel Experts

Hey there, Investor Nation!  We asked some good buddies, who are also experts in fix and flip remodeling, to share some of their best fix and flip tips with you.  Andrew and Tyler are co-owners of the Philadelphia-based Axe Philly , a real estate investment company that specializes in custom renovations of single and multi-family properties for sale and rent. (BTW, you can subscribe to their popular Friday blog […]

So Many Types of Lenders! Which is Right for Me?

Once you have a real estate investment property under contract, one of your first major decisions (unless you are cash-rich, and if you are, good for you!) is going to be which real estate investment lender you will use to fund your project.   Are you going to the bank for a loan? Are you going to use a hard money lender? Do you have a […]

Alternative Real Estate Funding? What’s That?

Are you wondering what the heck an “alternative” loan is? Well, you are not alone. This new type of funding for real estate is all the rage in investor circles!   “That’s awesome!” you say. “Now, can you pleeeeeeease tell us what it is? I need a real estate investment loan, and quick!”  You bet – let’s go!  —  You already know you can go to the bank for real estate funding, and you likely already heard something about hard money real […]