Getting Funding to Invest in Atlanta Real Estate

Getting Funding To Invest In Atlanta Real Estate

 Here at i Fund Cities, we know that it’s not always easy getting into new residential real estate investment markets, even if the opportunities are knocking at the door. Atlanta is trickier and more highly competitive than most urban areas to get into for most investors, being a cosmopolitan city. Luckily for you, once you […]

Reliable Washington, DC Real Estate Loans for Housing Market Investors

Reliable Washington Dc Real Estate Loans For Housing Market Investors

Washington, DC is a great market to jump into if you’re into real estate investing. Its many positive qualities make reaping a fantastic return on investment a cinch. It is important to note that this business requires enormous capital investment, but fear not! If you’re wondering how to get started, this post will show you […]

Lumber Prices at an All-Time High: What Next for Property Investors?

Lumber Prices At An All Time High What Next For Property Investors

In the comprehensive article, The Price of Lumber is 193%—and about to spike even higher, Lance Lambert, an expert finance and real estate reporter, shows the current state of lumber prices in the United States. The prices are escalating and not likely to come down any time soon. This phenomenon isn’t happening in isolation; it’s come with a ripple […]

Top 7 Real Estate Markets for 2021


The last 12 months have felt like a monsoon when it comes to the real estate industry. With interest rates lower than they’ve been in over a decade, it’s become a seller’s market, and finding the perfect investment has become a lot like a game of chess. The great thing about purchasing an investment property […]

What Makes Charleston a Great Market for Investors?


Known for its seemingly endless amount of charm, history, and constant hustle, Charleston is more than your next flip and fix opportunity. This South Carolina city has held a thriving housing market for longer than a century and is constantly learning to combine history with modern appeal. From being a vacation hotspot to growing by 18.5% […]

What Makes Tampa A Hot Market for Investors


Running along Florida’s beloved Gulf Coast, Tampa is a growing area for centralized business. It’s home to some of the most well-known museums, showcases Cuban and Spanish cultures with flare, and is a streamlined area for new and seasoned fix and flip investors. Tampa’s market is as hot as the nightlife, always flowing and overturning […]

Why Should I Invest In Raleigh Real Estate?

downtown raleigh north carolina

At I Fund Cities, we repeatedly push forward to support our investors’ new opportunities in new investment markets. While Raleigh real estate can be highly competitive and tricky for investors, you can rest easy in property acquisition, management, and rehabilitation when you partner with us. What Makes Raleigh a Good Place to Invest? Booming market […]

The BRRRR Method of Real Estate Investing

cabin in the woods for brrrr method

Whether you’re looking to get into real estate investing, or you’ve been investing in the real estate market for years, learning how to utilize the BRRRR method can make investing in real estate feel like a dream job. The BRRRR Method is very simple when it comes to breaking down what exactly it means and […]

Move Over Nashville. IFC is coming to the City.

downtown nashville

The real estate market is booming like never before. Interest rates are low, properties are selling like crazy, and if you’re looking to invest the time’s never been better. Nashville is one of the many cities popular for its history and charm. Home to Vanderbilt University, some of the most legendary music venues, and filled […]