CASE STUDY: $167,600 Rental Loan: Savannah, GA

Hey everyone! Our iFC CASE STUDIES give you real-life details about how other investors used our loan products to build their portfolios!


Location: Savannah, GA 

Loan Amount: $ 167,600 

iFC Loan Product: Rental  

Property Type: Single Family Residential 

Loan Closing Date: 02/08/22


Purchase Price: $ 209,500 

Monthly Rental Income: $ 1,450 

Loan to Value: 80% 

Length of Loan: 30-Year Fixed 


One of our great broker partners originally referred this borrower over to Caitlin, one of iFC’s super-pro loan officers. We have now done repeat loans for this client. 

“The borrower submitted a cash offer on this property,” says Caitlin. “She was using a method of ‘cash offer/delayed purchase’ to make the offers she submitted to sellers more attractive. However, she, of course, preferred not to use her own cash.” 

Explains Caitlin, “We were initially discussing a ‘delayed purchase,’ which is where the client purchases the property with cash initially, and then we finance the transaction within a short amount of time on the back end.” However, it was going to be more advantageous to the borrower if we could fund the deal before closing. 

“Closing was 2.5 weeks away,” recalls Caitlin, “so I worked quickly to beat the clock and close first, preventing her from using her own funds to initially close on the loan. “ 

This was a repeat borrower who does a lot of her business within a certain proximity, so getting the initial file together for processing was simple. Caitlin had a great appraiser in mind that delivered the report to iFC quickly. Adds Caitlin, “On the front end, I communicated the possibility we would fund with all parties involved with this transaction, so everyone was on the same page.” 

Key Loan Benefit to Borrower:

Smooth closing for not one, but two properties the borrower initially thought she would need to use her own cash to close on! 

Customer Feedback:

“The closing went well. You are very diligent, responsive, and helpful. Hope we will work together again in the near future,” said the client. “5 stars!”  

This is just one example of a borrower who chose an Alternative Loan over a Bank Loan. There are many others. Read our blog post, “26 Real-Life Examples: Why Investors Choose Alternative Loans Over Bank Loans.”

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