CASE STUDY: $176,875: Bridge-New Construction Portfolio: Sebring, FL

Hey everyone! Our CASE STUDIES showcasing the real estate investment loans we have done for our clients give you real-life details about how other investors used our loan products to build their portfolios! From fix and flip and fix to rent loans to new construction, multifamily and rental loans, we do them all!


Location: Sebring, FL 

Loan Amount: $176,875 

iFC Loan Product: Bridge – New Construction Portfolio 

Property Type: SFH 

Loan Closing Date: 10/21/2022 

Purchase Price: $20,000 

Construction Budget: $202,448  

ARV: $283,000 

Loan to Cost: 80% 

Length of Loan: 12 months 


This investor was excited about scaling their business, but they needed financing to help them continue to grow, without using their own cash. 

Once we understood their needs, we were able to reimburse them for the cash they’d put into this deal. We were also able to use some of their equity in the project to support the remainder of work to be completed. 

Customer Benefit 

This type of access to flexible and reliable capital is a game changer for new construction portfolio builders!  

This is just one example of a borrower who chose an Alternative Loan over a Bank Loan. There are many others. Read our blog post, “26 Real-Life Examples: Why Investors Choose Alternative Loans Over Bank Loans.”

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