CASE STUDY: $222,709: Bridge Refinance – New Construction: Sebring, FL


Location: Sebring, FL 

Loan Amount: $222,709 

iFC Loan Product: Bridge Refinance – New Construction 

Property Type: SFH 

Loan Closing Date: 11/04/2022 

Purchase Price: $14,000 

Construction Budget: $258,386 

ARV: $354,000 

Loan to Cost: 80% 

Length of Loan: 12 months 


This contractor came to us because they needed access to capital to continue growing their business – especially with multiple deals moving at once! 

At a time when many lenders are struggling to provide lending options and reliable funds, we were able to offer this new construction builder the flexible capital they needed for their projects, and the knowledge that we could take them the distance to the closing table – on time, every time. 

Customer Benefit 
Anyone who has ever been near closing a deal, only to have their lender back out at the last minute, understands what a major benefit it is to have a lender whose funding is ultra-reliable. Most investors only make this mistake one time. Then they call us! 

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