CASE STUDY: $415,600: Cash-Out Refi/Fix and Flip: Philadelphia

Hey everyone! Our iFC CASE STUDIES give you real-life details about how other investors used our loan products to build their portfolios!   


Location: Philadelphia 

Loan Amount: $415,600 

iFC Loan Product: Cash Out Refinance Bridge and Fix and Flip 

Property Type: Duplex and Triplex 

Loan Closing Date: 8/22/2022 

Purchase Price: $350K 

Construction Budget: $124,800 

Monthly Rental: $2,400 

ARV: $768K 

Loan to Value: 65% on Cash Out Bridge/85% LTC on Fix and Flip 

Length of Loan: 12 Months 


These clients had recently come to us to fund two fix and flip projects (mixed-use and duplex). Everything went very smoothly and quickly. 

In the meantime, however, they had two other loans in the works with another lender, and things weren’t going well. They had been in process with that lender for over 90 days and had already received multiple extensions from the seller to close the loans. 

After seeing how quickly we could work, they brought us these two additional loans, a duplex and triplex cash-out refinance bridge and a fix and flip. Waste-no-time-getting-it-done Loan Officer Cole Goudge says, “We received documentation for the loans on a Monday afternoon and we were able to close both of these loans the next Monday.” 

Key Benefit to Borrower 

This borrower was able to take advantage of our team’s full capacity when they hit roadblocks with another lender. The ability to close these two additional loans with us, after waiting 90 days for their other lender to come through, allowed them to get back to business! 

Customer Feedback 

These clients were awesome to work with and were very grateful. “Thank you so much. We are forever grateful to you and your team. We can’t believe what your team is capable of and regret not coming to you in the first place,” they said. 

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