CASE STUDY: $762,043: Bridge Refinance – Fix and Flip: Dallas, TX


Location: Dallas, Tx 

Loan Amount: $762,043 

iFC Loan Product: Bridge Refinance – Fix and Flip 

Property Type: SFH 

Loan Closing Date: 10/07/2022 

Purchase Price: $566,500 

Construction Budget: $315,021 

ARV: $1,388,000 

Loan to Cost: 85% 

Length of Loan: 12 months 


This client was experiencing issues with their previous lender.  

They were having problems with the loan timeline, draw schedules and the general handling of their loan.  

The client needed to refinance out of their current construction loan in order to have more time to finish the project. 

They came to us by way of a referral, in hopes we could help. Thanks to our Texas-based loan officer, Jack Pagliarini, we were able to get them into a loan to meet their needs.  

Customer Benefit 

The client was able to do a cash out refi out of a bridge loan for their awesome fix and flip project. 

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