CASE STUDY: $992,500: Bridge Purchase: SFR: Spring Hill, TN


Location: Spring Hill, TN 

Loan Amount: $992,500 

iFC Loan Product: Bridge Purchase 

Property Type: Single Family Residence on 7 acres with a barn 

Loan Closing Date: 9/16/22 

Purchase Price: $1,450,000 

Construction Budget:  

ARV: $1,450,000 

Loan to Cost: 65% 

Length of Loan: 12 months 


This client came to us by way of another lender, who was having a difficult time getting an appraisal order. The client was concerned that they would not be able to close the deal on time. 

Through our connections, we were able to get an appraisal done in just a few days and close the loan in two weeks.  

Customer Benefit 
The borrower got to close on time without losing a great deal and $50k in earnest money. 

Customer Feedback 

Thanks for all the “quick” help! 

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