CASE STUDY: New Construction: South Carolina: $1,134,920

CASE STUDY: New Construction: South Carolina: $1,134,920
CASE STUDY: New Construction: South Carolina: $1,134,920

Hey everyone! All of our CASE STUDIES, like this New Construction case study in Greenville, South Carolina, showcase the real estate investment loans we have done for our clients. They give you real-life details about how other investors used our loan products to build their portfolios! From fix and flip and fix to rent loans to new construction, multifamily and rental loans, we do them all!


CASE STUDY: OVERVIEW: New Construction: South Carolina

Location: Greenville, SC 

Loan Amount: $1,134,920 

iFC Loan Product: New Construction  

Property Type: Single Family Residential 

Loan Closing Date:  7/19/23 

Purchase Price: $200,000 

Construction Budget: $1,134,290 

ARV: $2,362,000 

Loan to cost: 85% 

Exit Strategy: Sell 

Length of Loan: 12 months 


CASE STUDY: DETAILS: New Construction: South Carolina

Our regional loan officers are super knowledgeable when it comes to which developers are doing what in their areas. They often reach out when they see a developer who they think we could help with funding. 

In this case, loan officer Erik Eichinger was following this successful Greenville, South Carolina, developer on Instagram. This connection ultimately fostered an investment relationship with the developer. 

Erik found that the developer’s private money capital was tied up amongst other projects and they needed additional funds for their new construction projects.  

We were able to blend the private capital to take down the land and give this builder 100% of their construction costs. Using his private money, along with our funding, this developer could scale to meet their vision. 


CUSTOMER BENEFIT: New Construction: South Carolina

The borrower appreciated what we could add to his company’s already successful approach. He says, “iFC is the perfect complement to my current capital stack!” 

(We were happy to help – let us know what we can do to help on your next project!)


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