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Hard Money Loans

Speed-to-Close. Limited Underwriting. What You Need RIGHT When You Need It
Kick A$$ Real Estate Loans for Investors by Investors

No Preliminary Credit Check Baby!

Hard Money Loans: Bridge and Rental Loan Rates as Low as 7% | Loan Amounts up to $15M | 10-20% Down

Up to 80% LTV and 100% Rehab Financing for Fix and Flip Loans | Up to 80% LTV and Cash-Out Refi up to 75% LTV for Rental/Portfolio Loans | Up to 80% LTV, 90% LTC and 75% LTARV* for New Construction Loans | Up to 85% LTC for Multifamily Bridge Loans

Our Hard Money Loans are the Real Deal for Investors, Builders, and Developers!

Our Hard Money Loans are investor-friendly loans that you can use to amp up your investing portfolio quickly and efficiently. Hard Money Loans are designed to be there for you RIGHT when you need them. Quick to close, and flexible in terms and underwriting, these loans get you where you are going faster and with less hassle than other types of loans. Our “Alternative” customized, non-bank Hard Money Loans give investors access to reliable funds that function outside the box of traditional lending. They are for the savvy, entrepreneurial investor who understands the velocity of money and who is stepping on the gas.

Financing for purchase and repairs with fast approval, speed-to-close, reliable funds, customized terms, and moderate underwriting requirements.

  • Quicker loans = quicker deals = fewer deals lost
  • Greater leverage = less money out of pocket = more deals annually
  • Reliable funds = confidence at closing
  • No hidden fees = no surprises

WE ARE INVESTORS, JUST LIKE YOU. We have been buying and building real estate in the greater Philadelphia market since 2008. We built this lending platform for investors after our own personal lending experience.

  • Full-service capabilities from initial offer to sale of property
  • Creative structuring
  • Control costs and avoid bad investment property deals

As an iFC client, you can count on having a transparent, supportive relationship with our team as your financing and project partner.

  • We will pick up the phone when you call
  • No upfront credit check for initial conversation and quote
  • You have increased confidence at every stage
  • You have experienced investors to lean on

The Bottom Line: You can sleep at night!

Get Hard Money Loans for as low as 7%

Need excellent leverage? We’ve got your back!  

75% LTARV on Fix and Flip Loans, up to 80% LTV on Single Family Rentals (75% on Multifamily), and 90% LTC with 100% Construction Financing for Fix and Flip Loans!

  • *We fund up to 90% LTC or 75% LTARV (whichever is less) for experienced investors. Most of our loans are 85% LTC or 70% LTARV.  


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Low rates. Flexible terms. Fast. Transparent. Reliable.

Just like you … we’re hustle and grit, not suit and tie.


“Not only did my projects get saved, I also increased my cash-on-cash return by leveraging my capital!” 

Investor: Philadelphia


What’s so hard about a Hard Money Loan? Nothing really! In fact, Hard Money Loans are just another lending option to grow your real estate portfolio.

What exactly is “Hard Money”?

Definition #1:


Definition #2:


Def: #1: HARD MONEY = all NON-BANK LENDERS (including us)

Here at i Fund Cities, we fall into the general category of Hard Money Lenders. In fact, if you do a Google search for “Hard Money Lenders,” we will show up. A broad definition of Hard Money Lenders in real estate describes the big and varied group of lenders that includes everything but the bank.


This broad-based group of non-bank real estate investment Hard Money Lenders provides investor-friendly funding with some major advantages over traditional banks.

At i Fund Cities, we break ourselves out from this larger group of Hard Money lenders, and identify ourselves as “Alternative Lenders.” 

As an “Alternative Lender,” our lending approach is an innovative non-bank solution that works outside of the traditional and formal suit and tie banking industry.

We are a professionally structured business with the ability to access a wide range of both intuitional (traditional) and contemporary funding options for our own lending purposes.

Using this approach of accessing a large variety of financing options as our foundation, we can offer our investors incredible flexibility and creativity in funding their projects.

What’s more, this large platform of financing options gives us an elevated reliability of funds for our investors, regardless of market conditions. How? We have the option to sell our loans to foster our own liquidity, or to hold onto our loans in-house, depending on the situation and what’s best for an individual investor’s project.

This is a HUGE advantage to our borrowers, and something that is unique among Hard Money Lenders.

Hard Money/Alternative lenders vs. the Bank

Hard Money/Alternative Lenders (like i Fund Cities) can offer some serious advantages over the bank.


  • Hard Money/Alternative Lenders can close fast (around 7 to 14 days).
  • Hard Money/Alternative Lenders do not need the massive amount of paperwork that the bank does.
  • Hard Money /Alternative Lenders can “think outside the box” in terms of their underwriting.
  • Hard Money/Alternative Lenders have more funding flexibility than the bank.
  • Hard Money/Alternative Lenders weight the borrower’s asset and experience, more than the borrower’s finances, when reviewing a loan for approval.
  • Hard Money/Alternative Lenders can step in and fund more unique or problematic projects that banks will not fund.


  • Banks will offer a lower interest rate than Hard Money/Alternative Lenders

Hard Money/Alternative Lenders: what to expect

The BEST Hard Money/Alternative Lenders (yep, that’s us!) also:

  • Add value to the relationship through our own real estate investing experience.
  • Connect our borrowers with other industry professionals.
  • Share our broad-based knowledge of the real estate market and local market conditions.
  • Approach your deal with reality-based underwriting expertise.
  • Have your back throughout your entire investment project.
  • Pick up the phone when you call.
  • Answer your questions openly and honestly.
  • Offer transparency throughout the loan process.
  • Use local appraisers for our deals, rather than large national appraisal firms, that may provide appraisals that are inaccurate, and that can slow down deal closings.


Hard Money/Alternative Lenders: Loan Products

The BEST Hard Money/Alternative Lenders (ok, we say shamelessly, us again!) also offer a wide range of Hard Money Loans including:

  • Fix and Flip Loans
  • Fix to Rent Loans
  • New Construction Loans
  • Rental Loans (for both short- and long-term properties including single family residential, condos and townhomes)
  • Multifamily Bridge Loans
  • Multifamily Rental Loans
  • Single Family Residential Portfolio Loans
  • Commercial Mixed-Use Loans
  • Raw Land Loans


As we explained, there is also a more specific, narrower definition of Hard Money Lenders, which refers to either an individual, or more commonly, an entity or group that is comprised of individual investors.

This smaller group of individual/small group Hard Money Lenders are fund structures of investor-pooled capital that are put together specifically for the purpose of lending you money.

Because they are small investor groups, they can usually move FAST, FAST, FAST. These types of Hard Money Lenders can often close in LESS than a week – and sometimes within 24 hours.

Having relationships with these types of super-specific Hard Money Lenders can sometimes be dealmakers or dealbreakers, especially if you have a deal in a hot market that needs to close within a few days.

Here is some additional information about these Individual/Small Group Hard Money Lenders: 

  • Advantage: Can work faster than other lenders.
  • Advantage: Can do loans with less paperwork than other lenders.
  • Advantage: Will weigh the asset and borrower’s experience more than the borrower’s finances.
  • Advantage: Can fund borrowers with a lower credit score (600 or less).
  • Advantage: Can fund projects with issues that the bank won’t fund.
  • Disadvantage: Charge the highest interest rate of any lender.
  • Disadvantage: Offers similar leverage to bank (less than other types of non-bank lenders-I.e. less money left in your pocket).


There are a lot of amazing options for lending these days, which is a wonderful thing for investors! But, how do you know which type of lender to use? Here’s a quick guide to helping you walk through your options in order of consideration:


The bank is usually the best place to start your search for a loan. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have:

  • A month or two to wait to close?
  • A long-term project (over a year)?
  • A great financial history?
  • A solid credit score (650+)?
  • At least 25% to put down on your project?
  • A property/project that is straightforward with no major/unique issues?

If you can say “yes” to ALL the above, then the bank is going to give you the best rate, so give it a go. And now, for the rest of us…


If you and your project do not fit all the above criteria, then move onto Hard Money/Alternative Lenders and ask the following questions:

Do you have:

  • At least 7 days until closing?
  • A credit score of at least 600?
  • At least 10-20% to put down on your project?
  • The ability to provide bank statements and tax returns?
  • Have you done at least one real estate deal (or have other ample real estate experience)?

Compared to the bank, a Hard Money/Alternative Lender is going to get you a faster close, with better leverage (more money in your pocket) and a simpler underwriting process. For example, at i Fund Cities, we will ask for background and credit checks, an appraisal, and bank statements and tax returns.

Our rate will be slightly higher than the bank, but we are able to move more quickly, and we have tons of flexibility with our funding options, so we are often going to be able to work with you when the bank cannot.

If you can work within the 1–4-week timeframe, handle the underwriting, and the leverage works for you, this Hard Money/Alternative Lender will likely be your best overall option.

If not, look at the next option: Hard Money/Individual-Small Groups


If you are in a big rush to close, which happens often in competitive markets, you are going to want to consider this type of lender.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need to close sooner than 7 days?
  • Do I need minimal underwriting?
  • Do I have 25% to put down on the project?
  • Is my project short duration (under a year)?

If your answer is “yes” to these questions, then this type of Hard Money/Individual-Small Group Lender may be the best option for you.


If none of the above options looks like the right fit for you and your project, you may want to look at some other funding possibilities.

  • Do you have family members or friends who want to invest in your project?
  • Do you have other investors who want to partner with you who can bring a higher credit score, or more liquidity to the table?
  • Can you find a co-signer or a guarantor for your loan?
  • Do you have other personal liquidity you can access like investment or retirement accounts?
  • Do you have other investments with equity that you can cross-collateralize to get funds for your new project?

Most investors will use a variety of lender types during their real estate career. Understanding the differences between all types of lenders will save you time and money when it comes time to secure your funding.


Here are some suggestions on how to find the best Hard Money Lender for your project.

Start local. Ask around your circle of friends. Get out and talk with investors at real estate meetups in your area.

Network! Ask other investors who they have used for hard money. Ask for an introduction.

Online: In addition to general online searching, here are some additional resources for Hard Money/Alternative Lenders:

Present Yourself Professionally: Be ready to present a professional-looking document to potential investors that shows your project, your projections, and a summary of your experience.


Be aware that there are a host of “lenders” out there that will give you plenty of hope, but no money. Just as in other industries, there are people out there who may take advantage of your situation. Do not buy into them, just because they seem like they are buying into you.

Do your research! Of course, this should be obvious. But, when investors are in a hurry, or are new and do not understand how the lending industry should work, or are feeling desperate for a loan, some things that may seem obvious one day, may slip by on another.

So, as a reminder, make sure your lender has a trustworthy and reputable presence, both online and on the phone. In general, do not pay a lender upfront for services. Understand if your lender is a lender, or if they are a broker who will find you a lender.

Do yourself a favor and find a lender who understands investing from the ground up. You want someone who listens to you, who understands your project, and who will look at your project numbers and give you the real deal on how your project stacks up. You want a lender that you trust enough that when they tell you “You’re out over your skis on this one,” you will know they have your best interests at heart.

Bottom line: Lending relationships should be trusted long-term relationships. You are not planning to do a one and done, so why look for a lender with that intention? If you are not looking at your Hard Money/Alternative Lender as a trusted member of your real estate team, then you are missing an incredible opportunity to add a knowledgeable professional to your investment team and project!

Hard Money Loans: FAQS

I Fund Cities offers rates as low as 7%.

Word of caution: do not believe the marketing gimmicks you see out there in the lending world. Rates are always determined by the following criteria:

  • Real estate asset
  • Investor experience
  • Investor credit score
  • Investor liquidity

iFC offers Hard Money Loan terms of 6 to 24 months.

Yes. We lend 100% of the construction financing and up to 80% of the purchase price of the asset.

We offer Hard Money Loans on the following property types:

Single-family residential homes (including portfolio loans)

  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Short-term rentals
  • Multifamily
  • Commercial, mixed-use (must have 50% residential for us to lend)
  • Raw Land

We do not fund properties designated as “rural.

Yes. For Hard Money Loans, we require a minimum FICO score of 600 or 640, depending on the loan type. 

Our minimum loan amount is $75K, and our maximum loan amount is $5M.

We lend in all 50 states except for California, New York, and Nevada.

iFC can provide Hard Money Loans to both U.S. Citizens and Foreign Nationals.

For Hard Money lending, our underwriting process is less extensive than a traditional bank, and we make it as transparent and straightforward as possible.

Documents needed:

  1. Contact info for Buyer (and Guarantors), and Title, and Insurance Companies
  2. Loan Application + Driver’s License
  3. Agreement of Sale or Deed
  4. Buyer’s Real Estate Experience/History
  5. Project/Entity Information
  6. Property Leases (if appropriate)
  7. Construction Budget (if appropriate)
  8. 2-Month’s Bank Statements
  9. ACH Wire Transfer Info and W-9

Yes. We do an appraisal using LOCAL appraisers. (Using appraisers from large, national appraisal management companies can impact appraisal quality and slow down the loan process.

Yes. You will need to have an LLC, a Limited Partnership, a General Partnership, a Corporation, or a Trust.

Depends on the loan type.

Can I (or a friend or family member) live in my property funded with Hard Money?

Choosing the right capital partner for your real estate investment loans can be a game-changer (so choose wisely)! As investors ourselves, we know the game. We can help you learn it, fund it, and nail it.


Fill out the quick quote form for our loan officer to review and we will get in touch ASAP!


The iFC Hard Money Loan Process

In competitive markets, where speed is everything, we can get you funds to close in as little as 7 days.

Fill out our deal form and get a quote in under two minutes. Once complete, someone on our team will follow up with a customized lending solution and terms.
We then issue preliminary pricing for your review. If the price is right, and you wish to move forward with iFC, a formal term sheet will be digitally issued for your signature. Sign and we will kick things into high gear!

Paperwork sucks, but we are here to help you along the way. After we collect the agreement of sale, construction budget, title, and insurance contact information from you, we order your appraisal from a LOCAL company, (not a national appraisal management company, which can impact appraisal quality and delay your loan).

Provide us with supporting documents in a timely fashion (your real estate experience, driver’s license, entity information, and source of cash), and we will get you to closing in as little as 7 days.

We Are Real Estate Savvy, Entrepreneurial, Investors (Who Give a Damn About Your Success!)

We work relentlessly to make sure our customers’ lending experience is nothing shy of outstanding. Brought together by Philadelphia, a couple of beers, and a passion to do the impossible, the i Fund Cities team was formed. Supportive of one another, the iFC team members are the type of people you want to be around—they inspire, motivate, and enjoy the company of their clients and partners. Building strong relationships and impactful lending practices are the core values that drive the iFC team.

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