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i FUND CITIES - Multifamily Bridge Loans Nearby

i FUND CITIES is an alternative, national, non-bank lender providing flexible, fast, reliable, and investor-friendly financing to real estate investors. We provide all types of real estate investment financing from Fix and Flip Loans, Fix to Rent Loans, and Rental Loans, to New Construction Loans, Multifamily Bridge, and Portfolio Rental Loans. As investors ourselves, we understand how Multifamily Bridge Loans work, and we’ve got your back throughout the entire lending process. Whether you need investment funding for purchase only, new construction, rehab, cash-out or rate-and-term refinance, BRRRR, short-term rentals, build-to-rent, or otherwise, then give us a shout!
Multifamily Bridge Loans Nearby

When you are ready to get down to business and need a Multifamily Bridge Loan, we’re here to help!

When you are ready to get down to business and need a Multifamily Bridge Loan, our real estate investment loan experts are here to help! Call us at 215.770.1505.


What does it take to create a masterpiece? Ask Mike Treacy, owner of Philadelphia-based Treacy Brothers General Contractors—he does it every day. Mike takes the typical run-down row homes in the city, and transforms them into gorgeous high-quality homes with style.

Often found on his projects with a ballcap and toolbelt, Mike is a pro. And frankly, he’s just way too busy to mess around with lenders of Multifamily Loans who waste his time.

That’s why Mike chose i Fund Cites as his multifamily investment lender. “I can’t say enough good things about i Fund Cities,” says Mike. “The draws come in a timely fashion, and if there’s any questions that come up, one of the guys gets back with me. They are very responsive and they have a great product. You should definitely check them out.”

Thanks Mike! We’ll let you get back to work now on another masterpiece!