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i FUND CITIES - New Construction Loans for Real Estate Investors

i Fund Cities is an alternative, non-bank, private money lender providing fast, flexible, reliable, and investor-friendly financing to real estate investors in and around Washington, DC. If you are investing near Washington DC and you need investment funding for purchase only, new construction, rehab, cash-out or rate and term refinance, BRRRR, short-term rentals, build to rent, or otherwise, then give us a shout!

New Construction Loan Rates as Low as 7.5% in Washington DC

i Fund Cities's New Construction Loans get you fast, flexible, and reliable funds for your next Washington DC real estate property investment!

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Hey Washington DC investors! Need a Kick A$$ New Construction Loan?

We are experts in providing alternative, non-bank New Construction Loans for Washington DC, real estate. Our fast, flexible, and reliable New Construction loans are for Washington DC investors who need financing that is faster than the bank and cheaper than hard money. Our lending team will help you get a New Construction Loan for your Washington DC, property investment dialed in pronto! Call us at 215.770.1505

New Construction Loans in Washington DC

What are i Fund Cities's current New Construction Loan rates in Washington DC, ?

i Fund Cities offers New Construction Loan rates as low as 7.5%.

Word of caution: do not believe the low rate marketing gimmicks you see out there in the lending world. Rates are always determined by the following criteria:

Real estate asset
Investor experience
Investor credit score
Investor liquidity

What length of loan terms does i Fund Cities offer for New Construction Loans in Washington DC, ?

i Fund Cities offers New Construction Loan terms of 6 to 24 months.

What property types does iFC offer New Construction Loans for in Washington DC, ?

We offer New Construction Loans on the following property types:

Single Family Residences




Commercial, Mixed-Use (must have 50% residential for us to lend)

Are there any exceptions to property types for your New Construction Loans?

We do not fund properties in Washington DC, that are designated as “rural.”

Does iFC have a minimum credit score for New Construction Loans in Washington DC, ?

Yes. For New Construction Loans, we require a minimum FICO score of 600.

Does iFC have minimum and maximum loan amounts for New Construction Loans?

Our minimum loan amount in Washington DC, , is $75K and our maximum loan amount is $15M.

What states does iFC lend in?

We lend in all 50 states except for California, New York, and Nevada.

Can I borrow from iFC if I am from another country?

iFC can provide New Construction Loans to both U.S. Citizens and Foreign Nationals.

What documents do you need from me for underwriting New Construction Loans in Washington DC, ?

For New Construction Loans in Washington DC, , our underwriting process is less extensive than a traditional bank. We also make it as transparent and straightforward as possible.

Documents needed:

1. Contact info for Buyer (and Guarantors), and Title, and Insurance Companies

2. Loan Application + Driver's License

3. Agreement of Sale or Deed

4. Buyer’s Real Estate Experience/History

5. Project/Entity Information

6. Construction Budget

7. 2-Month’s Bank Statements

8. ACH Wire Transfer Info and W-9

Do you do an appraisal for New Construction Loans in Washington DC, ?

Yes. We do an appraisal using LOCAL Washington DC, , appraisers. (Using appraisers from large, national appraisal management companies can impact appraisal quality and slow down the loan process.)

Do I need a business entity to get an iFC New Construction Loan in Washington DC, ?

Yes. You will need to have an LLC, a Limited Partnership, a General Partnership, a Corporation, or a Trust.

Is there a prepayment penalty?


Can I (or a friend or family member) live in my property funded with a New Construction Loan?

As the borrower, you are not able to live in the property. However, a family member can occupy your Washington DC, property that has been funded with a New Construction Loan.

New Construction Real Estate Market in Washington DC

Washington DC, , Key Indicators Like “Average Home Price” for New Construction Properties

Every real estate investor, especially New Construction investors, will benefit from learning how to analyze local market conditions when looking to invest in property in Washington DC, . There are many things to consider when deciding whether Washington DC, , is a good market for New Construction investments. Factors such as the city’s “Average Home Value,” “Homeownership Rate,” and “Median Household Income,” can help investors understand the metrics of buyers and renters in Washington DC. New Construction investors can also check out Washington DC's “Average Home Remodeling Costs,” and “Median Monthly Housing Costs.” These metrics will help investors calculate the costs of building, fixing, flipping, and renting Washington DC properties.

When it comes to selling, every investor wants to make more than they have spent, of course, so it’s helpful to know whether home prices are going up or down in Washington DC, as rising home prices can signal a stronger market for both selling and renting properties.

Be a New Construction Pro in Washington DC: Free 85+ Item Construction Checklist

Average Days on Market (DOM) Data for Washington DC, , New Construction

When there are more buyers than there are houses to buy in a market, it creates something called a “Seller’s Market,” which drives up property prices. A Seller’s Market can impact the purchase price and the sale of every type of investment property, from Fix and Flips to Multifamily, to Rehab to Rent, to New Construction. That’s why knowing how many days it takes to sell a home listed on the market, the “Average Days on Market” (DOM), is a big deal for a New Construction investor in a city like Washington DC. Knowing whether your investment property is in a buyer’s or a seller’s market can indicate who will have an advantage when the real estate investor goes to buy, sell, or even rent the property.

Washington DC, , Real Estate Inventory, New Construction

If a market like Washington DC is flooded with homes for sale and rent, it just makes sense that real estate investors, including New Construction investors, are going to have a tougher time when they go to sell or rent their investment property, than if there is a lot of competition for properties. That is why knowing the “Real Estate Inventory” for Washington DC is important information if you are considering a New Construction investment.

Key Growth Factors in the Washington DC Real Estate Market

Commercial: Washington DC businesses include diversified industries such as Health and Medical, Tourism and Hospitality, Technology, Manufacturing, and Professional Services.

Economy: The development of Washington DC's top companies and industries will continue to be key drivers in the growth of the city’s real estate market.

Education: Graduates from local Washington DC schools, as well as those from nearby schools and universities, provide a foundation for the growth of the city’s businesses and industries.

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