New construction loans

New construction loans

Providing developers, builders, and investors with a solid foundation for ground-up construction projects.

Kick-A$$ Real Estate Loans by Investors for Investors

New Construction

Acquisition, development, and construction for real estate investors of any size who want to build a property to sell.

  • Rates as low as 9%
  • 1-50 units
  • Up to 90% LTC or 75% LTARV (whichever is less)
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • 100% construction financing
  • Loans up to $15M
  • Single and multifamily, mixed-use
  • 6 to 24-month terms
Build to Rent

Acquisition, development, construction, and long-term rental loans for investors building properties for short or long-term rentals, 

  • Rates as low as 9% (build) and 7% (rental)
  • Up to 90% LTC on project
  • Up to 80% LTV on purchase
  • 100% construction financing
  • Loans up to $15M
  • Single and multifamily, mixed-use
  • 6-24 month terms (construction)
  • 5/1, 7/1 adjustable/fixed and 30-year fixed terms (rental)

New Construction: Fast, Creative, High Leverage, Reliable Funds

Our New Construction loans are for investors, builders, and developers who need lightning-fast, know-you’ve-got-it capital, to lock down deals in today’s hottest markets.

As investors ourselves, we know how to get your deal the high leverage, rate flexibility, and creative structuring it takes to get your construction project funded and built. If you are looking for a solid, fast, flexible, and reliable construction lending partner who knows your business, who has your back, and who you can trust enough that you can sleep at night, there’s no question that we’re your lending team! 

Build to Rent

Build to Rent investors have plenty of moving parts, without trying to maneuver between lenders for different construction and rental loans. That’s why we make it possible to finance your complete project simply and seamlessly—from breaking ground to handing off the keys to your first renter.

Build to Rent projects often need flexible structuring to get moving. As both lenders and investors, this is what we do! That’s why we can often find fast solutions to other lending challenges, that other lenders cannot, or will not.

“My organization had such an amazing experience with i Fund Cities. Aside from just the capital stack, the willingness, and the commitment, iFC’s biggest asset was speed. i Fund Cities can get so flexible on a deal-by-deal structure. I encourage others to call these guys because their platforms are customizable. They are unique, they get it, and it works really well.”

—Mike Stamm, CEO Stamm Development Group 

What Can Our Construction Loans Do For You?

Quicker loans = quicker deals = fewer deals lost

Greater leverage = less $ out of pocket = more deals

Reliable funds = confidence at closing

No hidden fees = no surprises

Construction Loan FAQs
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  • Rates and Terms
  • Financing Your Project


Step 1

Get a quote for your project

Step 2

Accept the terms

Step 3

Finish paperwork/appraisal

Step 4

Close your deal!

The iFC Team: We are Real Estate Savvy, Entrepreneurial, Investors

(Who Give a Damn About Your Success!)

We have been buying and building real estate in the greater Philadelphia market since 2008. We built this lending platform for investors after our own personal lending experience, to disrupt the way traditional lending is done for investors. The iFC Team works relentlessly to make sure our customers’ experience is nothing shy of outstanding. Supportive of one another, and of our borrowers, iFC Team members are the type of people you want to be around—we inspire and motivate. Our intention is to create successful, long-term, transparent, relationships with our partners and clients.