Our Story

We were founded to flip the lending industry on its head

I Fund Cities is a flexible and reliable lending platform providing Kick A$$ Loans to residential real estate investors nationwide. It all started in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, where the partners set out on a mission to provide the most cost-effective and efficient capital to local investors. Branded locally as I Fund Philly, our cult like following began to quickly grow and we soon realized our services were needed in more than just one city. As a result, I Fund Cities was born.

Built by investors for investors

I Fund Cities approach to lending stems from our own experience as investors– Yes, we are just like you! We understand the high-stress atmosphere of quick closings and we understand the lending experience is subpar at best, so we are here to fix that!

We know your challenges.

There are so many cracks in the current lending system. Timing of draws, loan management via borrower portals, time to close on a property, slow term sheets, stressing out about money required for closing – We've been on your side of the table, and boy it ain’t pretty.

We know your project is different.

Developers need tailored solutions for each and every deal. That's why our loan programs are designed to support your project's needs and your company's growth. With our team of dedicated professionals, that are just one call away, we offer an innovative and bespoke loan experience to allow for quicker turnaround time between construction draws and almost instantaneous pre approval for loans.

We know you need a partner. WE GOT YOUR BACK

Our goal is to be your partner. When you work with us, you gain access to professionals with the knowledge, availability, and expertise to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the course of your deal. Our commitment to our clients means we not only look at deals to see if they make sense for us, we make sure they make sense for you as well. Our business model is built off the idea of a customer service company first, and a lending company second. This way, we are able to build long term partnerships with our borrowers.

Ready to get started?