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Private Money Loans

Investor-Friendly Financing. Fast Closings. Limited Underwriting. Great Leverage.

Kick A$$ Real Estate Loans for Investors by Investors

No Preliminary Credit Check Baby!

Private Money Loans: Interest Rates as Low as 7% | Loan Amounts up to $15M | 10-20% Down

Up to 80% LTV and 100% Rehab Financing for Fix and Flip Loans | Up to 80% LTV and Cash-Out Refi up to 75% LTV for Rental/Portfolio Loans | Up to 80% LTV, 90% LTC and 75% LTARV for New Construction Loans | Up to 85% LTC for Multifamily Bridge Loans

Make it Happen! More + Faster + Bigger + Better Deals = Success

As a Private Money Lender, we are an excellent choice for investors who need super-fast and reliable capital in a changing economy. We provide faster closings than the bank, with less paperwork.

We offer “alternative” non-bank Private Money Loans for most property and transaction types, both short- and long-term.

We offer Private Money Bridge Loans on fix and flip, fix to rent, and new construction projects. We offer Private Money Rental Loans on short and long-term rental investments. We fund single-family residential, multifamily, and commercial, mixed-use properties.

Our Private Money Loans can even fund your raw land. In short, you name it, our Private Money Loans can fund it!

Financing for purchase and repairs with fast approval, speed-to-close, higher leverage than a bank, reliable funds, customized terms, moderate underwriting requirements.

  • Quicker loans = quicker deals = fewer deals lost
  • Greater leverage = less money out of pocket = more deals annually
  • Reliable funds = confidence at closing
  • No hidden fees = no surprises

WE ARE INVESTORS, JUST LIKE YOU. We have been buying and building real estate in the greater Philadelphia market since 2008. We built this lending platform for investors after our own personal lending experience.

  • Full-service capabilities from initial offer to sale of property
  • Creative structuring
  • Control costs and avoid bad investment property deals

As an iFC client, you can count on having a transparent, supportive relationship with our team as your financing and project partner.

  • We will pick up the phone when you call
  • No upfront credit check for initial conversation and quote
  • You have increased confidence at every stage
  • You have experienced investors to lean on

The Bottom Line: You can sleep at night!

Our Private Money Loan rates are as low as 7%. We fund up to 90% LTC and up to 75% LTARV* with loan amounts up to $15M.

*We fund up to 90% LTC or 75% LTARV (whichever is less) for experienced investors. 

Most of our loans are 85% LTC or 70% LTARV.




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Low rates. Flexible terms. Fast. Transparent. Reliable.

Just like you … we’re hustle and grit, not suit and tie.


“We felt the love throughout the entire process, and it was an incredible experience! You and i Fund Cities are certainly unique in the fact that you understand that it’s not about the money, it’s about being the type of person that people want to do business with, and the money will always follow. It’s been such a pleasure working with you guys. We are looking forward to many more great experiences to come!” 

Joan, Philadelphia Investor


 Well, it depends on who you talk to!

Definition #1: Non-bank lenders (like us).

Definition #2: Person-to-person lenders (like your rich aunt).



Let’s say you Google “Private Money Lenders for Fix and Flip Loans.” The results that come up will be those under Definition #1: Private Money Lenders.

These types of Private Money Lenders are “Private” compared to the standard place many go to for loans—the bank. Most investors choose these types of Private Money Loans over a bank loan because they can close their deal more quick, they often get better leverage, and there is generally less paperwork involved.

This means the investor can do more deals more quickly, and scale their portfolios faster. This means more potential profit each year. 

Investors also often look to Private Money Lenders for shorter-term projects (up to 18 months).  Why? The primary advantage a bank offers is a lower interest rate. If you have a project with a year-long timeline, a slightly higher interest rate is not going to cost you much more. When you compare the savings on interest to the amount you may gain by closing a deal quickly and getting moving on your project, then a Private Money Loan may make the most sense. 


  • i Fund Cities offers rates as low as 6.375%.

    Word of caution: do not believe the marketing gimmicks you see out there in the lending world. Rates are always determined by the following criteria:

    • Real estate assets
    • Investor experience
    • Investor credit score
    • Investor liquidity
  • Private Money Lenders provide faster closings (sometimes as fast as 7 to 14 days).
  • Private Money Lenders require less paperwork than the bank.
  • Private Money Lenders have more flexible underwriting than the bank.
  • Private Money Lenders offer better leverage than the bank (less money out of your pocket).
  • Private Money Lenders have more personalized creative financing options than the bank.
  • Private Money Lenders are asset-based lenders: I.e. the loan is secured by the asset itself.
  • Private Money Lenders can often fund more unusual projects that banks cannot.
  • Banks often have a slightly lower rate than these types of Private Money Lenders

The best Private Money Lenders:

  • Will have more hands-on investment experience than the bank.
  • Can connect you with other experts in the field.
  • Have local real estate expertise.
  • Have underwriting expertise to help you best figure your deal.
  • Offer an ongoing relationship throughout your project.
  • Pick up the phone when you call.
  • Answer your questions quickly and knowledgeably.
  • Are transparent about our process, rates, and decisions.
  • Fix and Flip Loans
  • Fix to Rent Loans
  • New Construction Loans
  • Rental Loans (for both short- and long-term properties including single family, condos and townhomes)
  • Multifamily Bridge Loans
  • Multifamily Rental Loans
  • Single Family Residential Portfolio Loans
  • Commercial Mixed-Use Loans
  • Raw Land Loans
  • It is impossible to overestimate the value that a TOP-NOTCH Private Money Lender (yes, we say humbly, like us) offers you in terms of hands-on investment expertise, connections with others in the industry, local real estate experience, underwriting expertise to help you analyze your numbers, and an ongoing relationship throughout your project to have your back when issues arise.
  • Finally, it does not take long working with a faceless national lender to find out how important it is to work with someone who picks up the phone, who can answer your questions quickly and knowledgeably, and who is transparent about their process when you call
iFC offers Private Money Loan terms of 6 to 24 months.
Yes. We lend 100% of the construction financing and up to 80% of the purchase price of the asset.

We offer Private Money Loans on the following property types:

  • Single-family residential homes (including portfolio loans)
  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Short-term rentals
  • Multifamily
  • Commercial, mixed-use (must have 50% residential for us to lend)
  • Raw Land
We do not fund properties designated as “rural.”

Yes. For Private Money Loans, we require a minimum FICO score of 600 or 640, depending on the loan type.

We lend in all 50 states except for California, New York, and Nevada.

iFC can provide Private Money Loans to both U.S. Citizens and Foreign Nationals.

For Private Money lending, our underwriting process is less extensive than a traditional bank, and we make it as transparent and straightforward as possible.

Documents needed:
<li>Contact info for Buyer (and Guarantors), and Title, and Insurance Companies</li>
<li>Loan Application + Driver’s License</li>
<li>Agreement of Sale or Deed</li>
<li>Buyer’s Real Estate Experience/History</li>
<li>Project/Entity Information</li>
<li>Property Leases (if appropriate)</li>
<li>Construction Budget (if appropriate)</li>
<li>2-Month’s Bank Statements</li>
<li>ACH Wire Transfer Info and W-9</li>

Yes. We do an appraisal using LOCAL appraisers. (Using appraisers from large, national appraisal management companies can impact appraisal quality and slow down the loan process.)

Yes. You will need to have an LLC, a Limited Partnership, a General Partnership, a Corporation, or a Trust.

Depends on the loan type.

As the borrower, you are not able to live in the property. However, a family member can occupy your property funded with Private Money.


Ok, now let’s say that you are sitting in your living room with your rich aunt and you mention that you are looking for funds to do a fix and flip down the street from her. “Oh, dear,” she exclaims, “I would love to see that old house fixed up! How much do you need to get going?”

This definition of a Person-to-Person Private Money Lender refers to either a family member, friend, acquaintance, or perhaps a business associate or another investor whom you met at a meetup. This type of Private Money Lender usually wants to support you first because you are YOU, and also because you have a great project!

Maybe you are just getting your real estate business going, or maybe you have done a few projects already. Either way, this type of Private Money Lender generally loans you money based on their personal relationship with you and/or their knowledge of your abilities.

  • A “Person-to-Person” Private Money Lender can often close faster than a bank.
  • A “Person-to-Person” Private Money Lender requires less paperwork than the bank.
  • A “Person-to-Person” Private Money Lender usually does not require any underwriting.
  • A “Person-to-Person” Private Money Lender may or may not require you to have any of your own money in the project.
  • A “Person-to-Person” Private Money Lender will often charge a similar (and possibly lower) rate than the bank.
  • A “Person-to-Person” Private Money Lender will probably not have the same strict timelines, draw schedules, and inspections required as other types of lenders.
  • Banks may be able to loan a higher amount than most “person-to-person” Private Money Lenders

Sometimes, new investors are not able to qualify for funding through either the bank or through other types of Private Lenders.

Why? Here are a few examples:


  • The investor wants to do a fix and flip project but has no prior fix and flip project experience.
  • The investor has a low credit score (under 600).
  • The investor has no money to put down and needs to fund 100% of the project.
  • The investor has a project in a “rural” area where appraisals/funding is difficult to come by.
  • The investor wants to fund an international property.
  • The investor needs to close a deal in less than 7 days.


In any one of these cases, investors may want to look at personalized loan options through family members, friends, or others in their network who are looking for an investment.

Choosing the right capital partner for your real estate investment loans can be a game-changer (so choose wisely)! As investors ourselves, we know the game. We can help you learn it, fund it, and nail it.


Fill out the quick quote form for our loan officer to review and we will get in touch ASAP!


The iFC Private Money Loan Process

In competitive markets, where speed is everything, we can get you funds to close in as little as 7 days.
Fill out our deal form and get a quote in under two minutes. Once complete, someone on our team will follow up with a customized lending solution and terms.
We then issue preliminary pricing for your review. If the price is right, and you wish to move forward with iFC, a formal term sheet will be digitally issued for your signature. Sign and we will kick things into high gear!
Paperwork sucks, but we are here to help you along the way. After we collect the agreement of sale, construction budget (if appropriate), title, and insurance contact information from you, we order your appraisal from a LOCAL company, (not a national appraisal management company, which can impact appraisal quality and delay your loan).
Provide us with supporting documents in a timely fashion (your real estate experience, driver’s license, entity information, and source of cash), and we will get you to closing in as little as 7 days.
We Are Real Estate Savvy, Entrepreneurial, Investors (Who Give a Damn About Your Success!)
We work relentlessly to make sure our customers’ lending experience is nothing shy of outstanding. Brought together by Philadelphia, a couple of beers, and a passion to do the impossible, the i Fund Cities team was formed. Supportive of one another, the iFC team members are the type of people you want to be around—they inspire, motivate, and enjoy the company of their clients and partners. Building strong relationships and impactful lending practices are the core values that drive the iFC team.

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