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Hi Borrowers! We are ALWAYS here for you, and we appreciate being your first point of contact for any loan-related issues.

Please reach out to us directly at with any questions or concerns in relation to the post-closing servicing of your loan.

Together, we will find a solution to any issue!


Now, for some answers to your FAQ’s!

  • How can I access tax documents?

If you are looking to calculate how much interest you have paid for the tax year, that can be found on your monthly payment statements through your servicer portal. Please note that some servicers do not report interest for LLC’s; therefore, they do not generate Form 1098.

  • Who do I reach out to for a payoff?

If you are in need of a payoff for your property, you can contact us directly at and we can assist you in obtaining the payoff.

  • What are my options if my property isn’t sold/rented by its maturity date?

If your maturity date is approaching, our iFC servicing team will be reaching out to you to review options. We understand that there are many different obstacles when it comes to renovating/building and we are more than happy to work through this with you! Whether it be an extension needed or a refinance, we are on your team.



What is Interim Servicing and what does it mean for me?

Once your loan closes, our team at iFC will send you an email to obtain your ACH information for monthly auto draft payments. We strongly encourage opting for ACH to ensure payments are paid on time and no late fees are accrued.

If you opt out of ACH, you will receive an email from us each month with a link to make your payment.

What is Service Transfer and what does it mean for me?

Shortly after your loan closes (usually within the first couple months), your loan will be transferred to a new servicer. Once your loan is transferred, you will receive a service transfer email from us outlining all the details of the transfer, including the contact information for your new servicer. As part of this process, we will take care of providing your ACH information to the new servicer, so this is one less thing you have to worry about!

If my loan is being serviced by another company, how do I contact them?

If your loan is being serviced by another company, the following dropdown list has all of the information you might need.

How do I set up a portal with a servicer?

Please click the ‘register’ link below for whichever servicer your loan is with. It will walk you through each step of setting up your online portal. **Please be prepared with your Loan Number (located in your servicing transfer email), the property address and your SS#/EIN.

Who should I contact first if I have questions or problems?

US! If you have any questions about your loan, your servicer, or need additional information, please contact us directly at We are here to help!

That’s it for now. Keep rockin’ it Investor Nation!

P.S. If you have questions specifically about your loan draws, please email us separately at



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