HOW TO READ PLANS 101: Part I: How to Read a Basic Plan

Ryan Herting of i Fund Cities gets down to the nuts and bolts of how to read your building plans with Sean Pincus, Grit Construction and Mike Treacy of Treacy Brothers, LLC Construction in this informative 3 part series.

In this Part I video, Sean covers how to read plans for multifamily building, and Mike talks about how to read plans from a rehab perspective. Both cover the architectural, mechanical and structural plans, including things you might want to look at in your plans to value engineer. Let us know you love this series with a thumbs up – and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SEAN AND MIKE? GRIT CONSTRUCTION: @gritbuilt: TREACY BROTHERS LLC: @treacy_brothersllc:

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