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Getting the lowest interest rate for your fix and flip investment project should not be your deciding factor when finding a real estate investment lender, as there are many other variables to consider, however, you should do everything you can to get the lowest rate possible from your fix and flip lender. 


Believe it or not, real estate fix and flip lenders want to know they will get their money back! Here are some of the biggest things they use to judge their risk:  


Experience: Fixing and flipping a house has a steep learning curve. A lot can go wrong! So, real estate investment lenders want to know that you have gone through the fix and flip process at least once or twice, and have figured out some of the biggest pitfalls, before they loan you money for your fix and flip.  

If you do not have fix and flip project experience, do not despair! You can get a lower real estate funding rate by working with a mentor, general contractor, or partner who has been down this road before. 


Liquidity: Liquidity is money in some form that is available to you when you need it. This can be cash, retirement accounts, investments, debt-free property, or even a partner who can put money on the table for the real estate investment deal. To be successful in real estate, you really need some liquidity. 


A Good Credit Score: What is considered “good” may vary with fix and flip lenders, but for example, at i Fund Cities, we consider a credit score of 680 and above ideal, with 640 being the minimum credit score we lend to. If your credit score is low, consider bringing in a partner or other borrower with good credit into your real estate investment deal. 

Great news! We have a handy resource to help you decide   

which lender is right for your project.  

It is a breeze to download it right here — and it’s free!  




Understanding what your fix and flip lender is looking for and addressing ways you can help assure them that you are a good risk for their money, will help you get the lowest rate from the real estate funder of your fix and flip deal. 


You’ve got this, Investor Nation! 

The iFC Team 




Quick Guide to Funding Your Fix and Flip  

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