Reliable Washington, DC Real Estate Loans for Housing Market Investors

Reliable Washington Dc Real Estate Loans For Housing Market Investors

Washington, DC is a great market to jump into if you’re into real estate investing. Its many positive qualities make reaping a fantastic return on investment a cinch. It is important to note that this business requires enormous capital investment, but fear not! If you’re wondering how to get started, this post will show you how you can find Washington, DC real estate loans to fund your projects, as well as why DC is such a great market to enter.

According to a report, titled “Washington, DC Housing Market,” by Redfin, an authority site in the real estate market, Washington, DC home prices went up to 4.1% in March 2021 compared to March 2020. Furthermore, the homes were selling at a median price of $635 and only took 31 days on the market before they were sold out.

As savvy real estate investors, we know how much you value investing in locations with the most rewarding return on investment. After all, what’s the benefit of having a real estate investment portfolio comprising properties that aren’t bringing in the bucks?

Therefore, it’s our pleasure to introduce the latest real estate investment frontier to you in the entire United States. We’re persuaded of a remarkable return on investment should you dive into the Washington, DC market.

So, without much ado, let’s dive in!

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Why Washington, DC is Prime for Real Estate Investing

Washington, DC is not one of the ordinary cities. It’s full of life and bustling with activities. It has historical significance and stunning, picturesque views. There’s no other place than Washington, DC to own real estate property. Seek Washington, DC real estate loans as step one.

1. Rich History

Washington, DC has a rich history and ancient architecture dating back to the 17OOs. This attracts and drives many renters to Washington, DC, and is a perfect explanation for why homes sell pretty fast.

If you have ready-to-let homes, you’re assured of high occupancy rates year after year. Most of these homes were built during the Civil War Era and are being renovated to meet modern standards. Some typical examples are Linden’s home and the William Brown house.

Away from the unique historic homes, there are also historic districts in Washington, DC that pull in tourists from all walks of life. Not only do the districts attract tourists, but also people who come to settle in Washington, DC.

Some of these famous districts are Capitol Hill, Lafayette Square, Columbia Heights, Mountain Peasant, and George Town. The rich history makes Washington, DC prime for real estate development.

2. Rising Property Values

In his comprehensive article, “The Inside Scoop On DC Metro: Housing Market Trends in 2020,” Devin Henry, Nomadic Real Estate company author, reports how the Washington, DC housing market is rising.

“On average, the monthly income for people renting out properties in DC is a little shy of $3000. And because this is an average, if you play your cards right, you could do even better.” Says Devin Henry. “Keep an eye out for cheap rundown properties in good parts of town that you can flip and then flip for a higher price than your mortgage.”

The rising property values make real estate investing in Washington, DC a sure deal. Since property value increases with time, you can buy one or a couple, hold for a while, then flip to make a profit. If you desire, you can repeat the process to make more money.

iFundCities Provides Washington, DC Real Estate Loans

The writing is on the wall, and this is the right time to invest in Washington, DC by buying a real estate property and renting it out or flipping at a higher price. Nonetheless, finding the capital to invest can be a hassle. We get it!

The good news is, iFundCities has your back. We offer flexible lending rates for investors interested in fixing and flipping properties, new construction projects, and rentals. So, feel free to contact us today for great deals on Washington, DC real estate loans.

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