Why Should I Invest In Raleigh Real Estate?


At I Fund Cities, we repeatedly push forward to support our investors’ new opportunities in new investment markets. While Raleigh real estate can be highly competitive and tricky for investors, you can rest easy in property acquisition, management, and rehabilitation when you partner with us.

What Makes Raleigh a Good Place to Invest?

Booming market

According to Urban Land Institute and PWC, the Raleigh housing market ranked #1  despite the virus impact. The market continues to defy odds with its strength, and this trend is expected to continue throughout 2021. We see a market that continues to grow and remain sustainable. In the last 12 months, Raleigh’s real estate market appreciated by 2.9%.

Owning a piece of real estate in Raleigh is a big achievement. Many homeowners here continue to see their homes appreciate each passing day because of high demand. This demand is a result of the retirees living here and the large influx of millennials.

A high rate of in-migration due to job opportunities

The renter population in Raleigh is high, and the housing market continues to boom due to the steady in-migration rates.

Being under the category of 18-hour cities, Raleigh continues to attract more and more young people seeking up work opportunities, culture, and the up-and-coming lifestyle. And since young people are known to be renters, the Raleigh renter population is projected to go up this year.

High occupancy rate due to affordability

Besides demographics, affordability is the other factor why the population of young people is growing in Raleigh. Data from Mashvisor shows that the price to rent ratio in Raleigh is extremely high: 27.

This means that most Raleigh residents will find it far more affordable to rent than buy homes. With such a high price-to-rent ratio, real estate investors have a guarantee to experience high occupancy rates. Further, with the Raleigh real estate market 2021 prediction showing an increase in home values, more and more people are likely to switch to rental properties, which is also a good thing for estate investors.

Airbnb Raleigh Rental Properties Will Be Profitable

The Airbnb Raleigh real estate market stats reveal local hosts continue to do well despite the pandemic. The Airbnb occupancy rate here is fairly good, and hosts enjoy a decent day-to-day rate and monthly rental income. With the deployment of vaccines and people (especially millennials) projected to flock to Raleigh in 2021, an Airbnb Raleigh investment property will surely pay off.

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The Best Neighborhoods in Raleigh for Investment

These are Raleigh’s best neighborhoods for investment:

Falls of Neuse

  • Price to Rent Ratio: 20
  • Median Property Price: $445,142

North Central

  • Price to Rent Ratio: 21
  • Median Property Price: $561,561

Northeast Raleigh

  • Price to Rent Ratio: 17
  • Median Property Price: $272,544

South Central

  • Price to Rent Ratio: 20
  • Median Property Price: $407,637

East Raleigh

  • Price to Rent Ratio: 19
  • Median Property Price: $272,724

The most popular neighborhoods in Raleigh

These are the most popular neighborhoods in Raleigh

  • North Raleigh
  • Northwest Raleigh
  • Southwest Raleigh
  • Northeast Raleigh
  • Southeast Raleigh

Wrap Up

When we take a closer look at Raleigh’s affordability, we see one of the prime attractions for investors. The home prices keep on appreciating at a steady rate. The market is also growing steadily to address the new demands.

All this is very appetizing for any investor thinking of real estate investing in Raleigh and its suburbs. Combined with our unmatched experience, attention to detail, funding, and expertise, we empower real estate investors like you to get the most out of Raleigh’s real estate market. We offer loans (including fix and flip loans) to our residential real estate investors.

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